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Academic Transcriptions & Secretarial Services was started in 1997 by two senior Cambridge College secretaries, offering support to Academic, Research and Business communities in Cambridge and throughout the UK.

Since then we have become known for our friendly, professional. fast, accurate, knowledgeable and confidential transcription and secretarial services

Our client base includes major universities, scientific researchers, charities, medical institutions and government departments. We have also completed projects successfully for local community groups and students.


A Modern Transcription Service for Today's Client

The days of shorthand note taking, hand written minutes and scrawled reports in illegible handwriting are long gone!

Simple, quality, audio and video recording equipment is available to all and now interviews, meetings, lectures and discussions can be captured in full. But what then? Converting many minutes of speech into print is time consuming and difficult without specialist expertise.
This is where Academic Transcriptions comes in to provide you with accurate and rapid turnaround for your important voice to print projects!


Accuracy of the transcript reflects the quality of the recording; all transcripts are checked before being returned via email.

English Language

We do not outsource any work or use voice recognition software. All our professionals are UK based and have certificated English language skills.


All our professionals understand the utmost importance of privacy and confidentiality. All data will be removed from our system immediately an email is received confirming receipt of the transcript.


We pride ourselves in our professional approach and one-to-one service. Contact us to discuss your transcription needs and we will talk you through our range of services.

Typical Projects

Transcription Services

These include:-

  • Transcribtion of audio files
  • Transcribtion of video files

2 Speakers

1 to 1 Interviews

  • human resources 
  • Medical 
  • Research

3 to 4 Speakers


  • Legal interview
  • Group Research
  • team Meeting

5+ Speakers

Focus Group

  • Market research
  • Local interest group
  • Tribunal

Keynote Speech + Q&A


  • Scientific conference
  • Annual general meeting
  • Public meeting

Secretarial Services

These include:

  • Audio typing: Dictation
  • Copy typing: Manuscripts
  • General Administration


charged per minute of recording

  • Article
  • Report
  • Correspondence


Charged per 1000 words

  • handwritten notes
  • historical documents
  • thesis

General Admin

Charged per hour

  • virtual Personal assistant
  • data entry
  • research administration

Our Customised Service

Our experienced professionals can provide a top quality secretarial and transcription service in most situations; so if you are not sure if we can do your job, just talk to us and we will advise you of the best way to proceed.

What Happens Next


You have audio/video files for transcription or notes for copy typing

Contact us by phone, email or fill in our online enquiry form and tell us your requirements.

We can give you an immediate quote.


Receive our client pack and application form

Once we know full details of your project e.g.

  • Number of files,
  • File length,
  • Preferred format
  • Deadline for completion.

We can agree total job cost.


Upload or post us your audio/video files.

Your files will be passed to one of our team who will take pride in providing a first class service. 


You will receive your completed job as a digital print copy.

Your hard copy files will be returned and digital files removed from our system at an agreed date.


Our Service Rates

Set out below are service rates for Transcription, Secretarial and Admin services.
1 Speaker


Per Minute



/1000 Words

General Admin


Per Hour

2 Speakers


Per Minute

3/4 Speakers


Per Minute

5+ Speakers


Per Minute

Keynote + Q&A


Per Minute

“The quality of the transcript reflects the quality of the recording”

The above rates are dependent on us receiving high quality recordings.

Please click here to see our additional charges for poorer quality recordings.

(See our tips for achieving quality recordings).

“The quality of the transcript reflects the quality of the recording”


Many professionals have already benefited from our services

I have used Academic Transcription/Secretarial services for over 10 years. 

The service is extremely reliable providing a quick turnaround; often at short notice and the transcripts are always accurate and highly competitive.

I would highly recommend this service.

Bill Nicholl

PGCE Course Manager, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Why Select Us?

Academic Transcriptions provides the highest quality service
for your important voice recordings and documents.

Our transcription and secretarial team have years of experience with a huge range of subjects and types of projects. If you have an upcoming project we can coach you to produce high quality recordings. 


Extensive training is given to our typists to produce transcripts to the highest quality.  Each transcript is thoroughly checked before being returned via email.


We have considerable experience of dealing with sensitive and confidential reports and qualitative research data. We are GDPR compliant and will never pass your contact details to third parties.

English language skills

All our staff have a good command of the English language, and we do not use voice recognition software.

Competitive rates

Our rates for high quality dictation are very competitive. For more complex recordings of multiple speakers the skills and time needed are greater. Our rates reflect this, but an accurate transcription first time is most cost effective.

Range of formats

We can transcribe audio or video files on tape, disc or a variety of digital formats. We can also copy type from handwritten notes or transfer print documents into digital format.

Discuss your transcription needs now


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