Our Rates


Our Service Rates

These are our competitive starting rates for small projects of up to 1 hour recording time. Prices quoted are per minute of recording. For larger projects or specialised formats, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Transcription Services

2 Speakers


Per Minute

3/4 Speakers


Per Minute

5+ Speakers


Per Minute

Keynote + Q&A


Per Minute

“The quality of the transcript reflects the quality of the recording”

Secretarial Services

1 Speaker


Per Minute



/1000 Words

General Admin


Per Hour

The above rates are dependent on us receiving high quality recordings. (See our tips for achieving quality recordings).

The following additional charges may be added :-

  1. Background hiss throughout the recording (5p/min extra)
  2. Recording made in a public place; e.g. coffee shop, classroom etc., where there is a lot of background noise, or outside e.g. wind or traffic noise. (5p/min extra)
  3. For non UK accents or very strong regional accents (but only if this slows down the transcription process!). (5p/min extra) 
“The quality of the transcript reflects the quality of the recording”

Below are some typical projects we have provided services for in the past

2 Speakers

1 to 1 Interviews

  • human resources 
  • Medical 
  • Research

3 to 4 Speakers


  • Legal interview
  • Group Research
  • team Meeting

5+ Speakers

Focus Group

  • Market research
  • Local interest group
  • workshop

Keynote Speech + Q&A


  • Scientific conference
  • Annual general meeting
  • Public meeting


charged per minute of recording

  • Article
  • report
  • letter


Charged per 1000 words

  • handwritten notes
  • historical documents
  • thesis

General Admin

Charged per hour

  • virtual Personal assistant
  • data entry
  • research administration