Terms & Conditions

1. Purchase Orders must be received before commencement of work.
2. The Initial Enquiry Form is provisional [a booking form, quotation and format requirements, will be sent by email upon receipt of the Enquiry Form].
3. Work will commence upon receipt of all relevant documents [the booking form and format details must be completed].
4. For digital uploads: Your login ID and password will be emailed to you after documentation has been received.
5. Digital recordings, charged per audio minute.
Analogue recordings, manuscripts, etc., charged on a word basis.
6. All invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.
A 5% surcharge will be added after this date.
7. Customer will be responsible for any bank charges due to a cheque being refused.
8. All tapes/CDs/flash drives will be returned to the customer using ‘Special Delivery’ postal service. [Please contact Sue Barnard or Sue Conrad to arrange a suitable date/time.]
9. All postage/delivery will be charged to the customer.
10. Personal delivery of tapes/CDs/flash drives can be arranged if customer lives within the Cambridge area. [Please contact Sue Barnard or Sue Conrad to arrange a suitable date/time.]
11. All our staff have signed Confidentiality Agreements.
12. All digital/Word files will be removed from our computers fourteen days after completion, unless an alternative date is agreed.